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NewU Bedwetting Alarm


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NewU Bedwetting Alarm / NewÜ Bedwetting Alarm
NewU Bedwetting Alarm
NewU Bedwetting Alarm
NewU Bedwetting Alarm
NewU Bedwetting Alarm
NewU Bedwetting Alarm
NewU Bedwetting Alarm
NewU Bedwetting Alarm
NewU Bedwetting Alarm
NewU Bedwetting Alarm

NewÜ Bedwetting Alarm

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  • High Quality Bedwetting Alarm—NewÜ is designed to stop nighttime bedwetting in deep sleeper children and teens permanently. This enuresis alarm is a perfect bedwetting solution that trains bed wetting boys and girls overcome nocturnal enuresis and sleep dry.
  • Sounding And Vibrating Alarm—8 different alert sounds to suit users’ preference that avoid your child from getting used of a particular sound. Strong vibration and bright lights ensures to wake up the deepest sleeper children.
  • Strong Hold Sensor—One drop detection sensor is advance method sensor that detects the first drop of urine and alerts your child in seconds for quicker and faster result and stop bedwetting in few weeks without medication.
  • Easy to Use— Our ultra-small, lightweight and discreet pee alarm can be used even by a 5-year-old. The microprocessor controlled NewÜ alarm ensures utmost safety for bedwetting children and comes with manufacturers one-year warranty.
  • Safe And Certified—This FDA registered CE certified bedwetting alarm comes with safety algorithm and has no side effects. The comfortable bedwetting alarm for kids help resolve their bedwetting problem and boost their confidence.
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Product Description

Your success to being dry is valuable to us. This high quality, low cost bedwetting alarm with its patented technology can stop bedwetting in few weeks.
Best Bedwetting Alarm NewÜ bedwetting alarm solve the frustrating issue of nighttime bedwetting permanently and help your child boost their confidence and feel like any other child. NewÜ microprocess controlled incontinence alarm is a comprehensive product with all the features that are essential features an effective bedwetting alarm should have. The lightweight alarm weighs only 1-oz. and is safe and compact.
Full Featured Bedwetting AlarmThe alarm comes with discreet functionality that makes it ideal for use at home or travel or going for camps. The alarm comes with strong vibration, light and 8 different alert tones to choose from every night so your child does not get used to same tone and wakes up your deep sleeper immediately on detecting the first drop of urine thus builds up brain bladder connection and train them to stop bedwetting in few weeks. Children can select from three modes of operation – sound and vibration, sound only and vibration only (discreet modes).
Advanced Strong Hold SensorEarly urine detection is important alarm feature in alerting your child so they can wake up the moment as soon as they start bedwetting. The one drop urine detection sensor detects the first drop of urine and conditions the child to quickly recognize bladder fullness, and awaken before wetness occurs. The sensor holds the undergarment tight to ensure that it’s is in place all night even for the children who move a lot in bed.
Save MoneyNewÜ bedwetting alarm trains your child sleep dry throughout the night and get up fresh in the morning and improves their daily activites. Parents can save a lot of money each year on laundry and buying disposable.

Box ContentsSNewÜ bedwetting alarm unit, Strong hold sensor, Snap-on clip, 2 AAA batteries, Cleaning brush

Attach the alarm unit to pajama top and connect the cord to the sensor by running it through the pajama top. The sensor is clipped to outside of underwear at the point where urination first occurs. The new technology Strong Hold sensor holds the sensor in place and detects pee at the very first drop. Early urine detection is an important feature in alerting your child so they can wake up the moment they start bedwetting and go to the bathroom to finish urinating.

Alarm Feature 8 Tones, Strong Vibration and Bright Light
Sensor Type Strong Hold™ Sensor with Large Urine Detection Area
Alarm Dimension (Approx) Alarm Unit – 2.6″ x 1.6″ x 0.8″
Sensor Dimension (Approx) Cord Length – 26.5” Long Cord. Sensor Dimensions – 1.2″ x 0.6″ x 0.4″
Batteries 2 AAA Batteries, included in retail box
Model TNU4B
Color Blue
Warranty 1 year manufacturers limited warranty on Alarm Unit, 90 days manufacturers limited warranty on Sensor
Additional Warranty Option to double your warranty on the alarm and sensor.
Order by Phone Help placing an order, with a live representative. Call 1-800-230-6775

My daughter is a deep sleeper and it’s always difficult to wake her up. Is this alarm loud enough to wake her up?

Yes! This alarm is designed for deep sleepers and will surely worked for her. There are many different tones on the alarm. Changing tones regularly will help overcome ‘Auditory Accommodation’ which is caused by single tone alarms.

What is the warranty on this alarm?

Can my 6 year old son reset the alarm by himself?

Would this alarm be a good option if your child is a tummy sleeper?

Where is the best place to clip the sensor for fastest results?

Open the lever and rinse under tap water for a few seconds.
Gently shake the Strong Hold sensor to remove excess water.
Every 5-7 days, clean the inside of the sensor with warm water and liquid soap and scrub with the compact cleaning brush (included), to remove urine residue.
Rinse sensor under tap water and remove soap.
Ensure inside of sensor is completely dry prior to use.

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